Stay Now

Posted in Uncategorized by sorrynotinservice on December 10th, 2016
Make no bones about it, this is a podcast. So how would you even do that? Now that we're all in agreement, welcome to the Sorry Not in Service podcast and it's the return of the original lineup! That's right, Simon and Will back in the studio for the first time in two months for one last pay cheque.
In this one, we discuss the biggest things that have happened to us in the months since our last show. For Will it was a caravanning holiday and buying some jumpers, for Simon it was finding himself in a situation where the amount of credit that a financial services provider might offer him is lowered because he now has to tick the box 'do you have any dependants?' on application forms.
Much radio ensued and was then smeared all over the internet.
For the version with the pop music, go to For twenty £, go to a reverse charity event.
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