Doing Terrible Things to Your Ears

Posted in DefaultTag by sorrynotinservice on June 11th, 2016


You again? Didn't we make it perfectly clear last time that you're not welcome? We didn't? We were very polite and made you feel perfectly at ease? Oh dear. Well in that case come in, leave your scythe at the door and we'll just try to forget about all the unpleasantness from the first two sentences. Just mind that you don't interfere with the cat again.

If it will help to smooth things over further, here's the latest podcast from Sorry Not in Service (us). Not only is it incredibly arrogant to force this upon you, but it's also full to the brim of exciting announcements, fearful denouncements, a welcome return by What's Tom Up To Tom, the death of some creatures and other content padding out an allotted time slot on a radio station.

To stream the version with all the pop music, go to To learn how to make your hair sentient, go to


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